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Exception 6 is a New Jersey regulatory compliance option for operating and maintaining Low Pressure Boiler Plants that exceed 100 Boiler Horse Power. The details about this regulation are outlined in New Jersey Administrative Code section 24:7. Many building managers, owners and boards often misinterpret Exception 6 certification as a simple allowance to operate their boiler plants with fewer licensed boiler operators. In reality, certification follows an extensive and rigorous set of regulations that require, among other things, multiple site inspections by the Department of Labor and the correction of any existing boiler room deficiencies that violate applicable ASME and local building code requirements.


While Exception 6 certification can reduce the requirement for on site licensed boiler operators, the spirit of the law is improved safety and compliance, not reduced personnel shifts. The requirements of the program therefore address many aspects of boiler room safety and remote monitoring, as well as the reduced on-site presence of licensed boiler operators.


Evco Mechanical has helped more buildings in the state of New Jersey attain this certification than any other company. Our dedicated staff of licensed Professional Engineers, licensed Black Seal operators and experienced boiler room auditors have helped numerous clients navigate the Exception 6 process from installation and inspection, to ongoing monitoring and annual re-certification.


If Exception 6 has been recommended at your building, or is an option for you to consider, please contact us to find out more about the program