Multi-Disciplinary, Turn-Key Solutions:

Electrical & Mechanical Systems

Plumbing & Sprinklers

Controls & Monitoring



Clients Ask, And We Deliver, For Over 30 Years

Evco Mechanical has been delivering complete electrical and mechanical solutions for over 30 years. From system concept through design, permitting, installation, and inspection, Evco Mechanical partners with its clients to solve their greatest electrical and mechanical system challenges.


Today, Evco Mechanical offers a wide range of services, from gas and sprinkler piping and traditional HVAC installation, through digital control systems and fault detection and diagnostic monitoring. Our reputation for quality, cost-effective solutions, and rapid response has attracted numerous clients in the New York metropolitan area. Our current clients include multi-family housing portfolio owners, hospitals, data centers, private schools, religious centers, commercial office buildings, and hotel portfolio owners.  


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