Evco Hosts 2012 JAHMA Maintenance Training Workshop

Continuing a tradition that has lasted for over a decade, Evco Mechanical once again hosted the annual maintenance training workshop for the New Jersey Affordable Housing Management Association (JAHMA). Attended by over 100 maintenance personnel from JAHMA buildings across New Jersey, Evco provided a full day of hands-on and educational training seminars that covered a variety of important mechanical and electrical equipment maintenance topics.

Evco's staff manned over 2 dozen training stations to teach the attendees the basics of copper pipe sweating, steel ductwork fabrication, PVC pipe joining, steel pipe threading and grooving, wiring of switches and outlets, voltage and amperage measurement on motors, and thermostat wiring and programming. In addition, Evco staff provided tutorial sessions on the basics of digital control systems, variable frequency drive, boiler and storage vessel equipment maintenance, control safety device testing, pump station maintenance, and web-based control systems.

We look forward to continuing this great tradition in 2014 with the next JAHMA Maintenance Training Workshop!

JAHMA Workshop

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