Evco holds 24-hour shifts to help customers through Sandy aftermath

Hurricane Sandy and its aftermath has devastated the New York metropolitan area. Just hours after the storm surge, hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses in New York and New Jersey lost electricity, and many of those locations will be without power for several days still. Buildings along the water front, from Cape May, New Jersey, through Stamford, Connecticut, suffered unprecedented flooding and destruction of property. The ensuing gasoline shortage further crippled efforts made by utility companies and FEMA to deliver aid to those in need, and restore normal building operation.

Despite the loss of electricity and limited access to highways and roads, Evco Mechanical was able to come to the aid of its clients as soon as the storm subsided. One such customers in Jersey City was stricken with complete flooding of their 3-story, below-grade parking garage. Like a fictional scene from a movie, the parking garage was filled with over 300,000 gallons of water from the Hudson River. Within hours after the customer's call for help, Evco arrived on site with a massive 100 HP diesel-driven pump to evacuate 3500 gallons per minute from the garage. The pumping process started at 9 pm and lasted until 3 am, at which point Evco entered the garage to survey the damages in the mechanical room, which was located at the very bottom of the flood zone. Entering the mechanical room for the first time since it was flooded, Evco witnessed the unimaginable strength of the disaster: several large pieces of equipment had completely separated from their piping and floated off into random areas of the basement, while many sprinkler heads had also failed and allowed the fire system to contribute to the flood. After shutting down the basement fire supression system, Evco ensured that all basement doors were open and allowed the flood waters to flow into the nozzle of the evacuation pump.  With the flood waters now gone, Evco is helping the customer rebuild their mechanical infrastructure, and re-open their doors to over 100 businesses that inhabit the office building.

Stories like this, and others, characterize the devastatsion that has hit our homes and businesses from Hurricane Sandy. To support our clients and their buildings during this great time of need, Evco has extended its regular work period to full 24 hour coverage, seven days a week. With boilers and pumps in stock to restore emergency heat for our customer buildings, Evco is working around the clock to help protect people from cold winter nights, and to help our customer's businesses resume normal operation.

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