Evco Shares Experience with JAHMA 2014 on Boiler Inspection Readiness

Evco Mechanical was invited to attend the 2014 JAHMA convention and to present on the topic of boiler room inspection readiness. As part of the presentation, Evco provided both a short list of "gotchas" that owner's should avoid, as well as a selection of photographs on the results of failed safety devices. While the overall discussion was focused on helping make sure that owners were better prepared for inspections, the presentation also addressed the importance of good boiler room maintenance and stewardship.

In conjunction with the presentation, Evco also provided attendees with a handout that includes documents from the NJ Department of Labor. Specifically, the handout included a hot water boiler system pre-inspection check-list, an Installer's Verification form of safety devices, and the State's guidelines on Boiler Room Logbooks.

For more information on state approved logbooks, please contact Jo Anne Mckay, joamckay@comcast.net

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