Expert Commercial Electrical Installations by EVCO

EVCO Mechanical was built to maximize facility-lifecycle management, ensuring systems run longer, better, and more efficiently, and that our clients have access to the most advanced equipment available. As a full-service facilities infrastructure provider, we install (and maintain, upgrade, and repair) all electrical systems for organizations of all types and sizes. But more than that, we seek to partner with our customers for the lifetime success of their facilities.

From towering NYC high-rises to local churches and community centers, EVCO Mechanical relies on its teams’ extensive expertise, flexible approach, and pride of quality to provide large facilities and multi-family residential buildings with state-of-the-art electrical systems and solutions. EVCO has extraordinarily talented, dedicated team members ready to install your commercial electrical systems.

Your Partners from Start to Finish

From the moment you first connect with us, we employ a painstaking process of evaluating, planning, and preparing for your commercial electrical installation. Whether you need backup-electrical generators, a total new-construction install, or a system upgrade or retrofit, our engineers work together with your consulting engineering team to ensure you realize your design intentions. The EVCO team will develop all the documents and plans that will support and direct the installation process, including shop drawings, wiring diagrams, and electrical floor plans. Also, we’ll obtain all the necessary permits, arrange the inspections, and keep everything running smoothly and on schedule.

Throughout the process, we work diligently to ensure complete transparency in all that we do, communicating with you at every step so there are no surprises. You’ll always know exactly what we’re doing and why we’re doing it.

Top Brands and Unparalleled Service

While we can repair virtually every brand of electrical equipment that’s out there, there are many equipment brands which are popular amongst our customer buildings and for which Evco has extensive experience installing and servicing. Some of these popular brands and manufacturers include:

  • Tecogen® cogeneration units
  • Caterpillar® generators
  • Square D® power distribution
  • General Electric® automatic-transfer switches
  • ABB® variable-frequency drives
  • Danfoss® variable-frequency drives
  • Delta Electronics® variable-frequency drives

An early adopter of sophisticated technology, EVCO is constantly bringing new and innovative technologies to our clients that enable them to maximize efficiency, reduce costs, and minimize environmental impact.

Cogenerators are a great example of this, which simultaneously produce both heat and power in a way that maximizes energy usage and reduces waste and fossil-fuel usage. Tecogen® cogenerators are fueled by natural gas, producing electricity for the commercial facility. At the same time, heat that’s produced by the system—heat that would otherwise go to waste—is recovered and then used to supply the building with heat. Cogeneration and other cutting-edge technologies allow facilities to boost their bottom lines and improve their environmental friendliness, which can prove useful when marketing to potential tenants.

EVCO doesn’t simply work with commercial-electrical systems. We are a total facilities-lifecycle provider that installs, repairs, upgrades, and maintains every major commercial-building system. That said, our value extends well beyond our talent for executing flawless commercial installations and upgrades. Drawing on nearly four decades of experience, we also provide strategic insights and guidance to our customers that are driven by our partnership-based approach to total lifecycle management. Find out more below.

Exceptional Employees—Exceptional Results

Each electrical installation we do demands the best possible outcome, so we train and retain the best employees in the business. Every single member of our team is the member of our EVCO family, and no matter what position they hold, each one is equally committed to our company’s—and our clients’—success. Why? Because we take of our employees, challenging them and supporting their growth. We give our teams the tools they need to excel, and that’s why EVCO is the best in the facilities-lifecycle management business. Our employees are highly trained and possess the highest standards for excellence and the utmost respect for workplace safety.


From your very first experience with us, we’re working hard to get to know your unique organization and its facilities. Once we identify your pain points, understand your plans, and pinpoint your strengths and challenges, we leverage our extensive expertise to provide you with our EVCOInsights, our branded strategic consulting service that’s built right in to every single project we do.

We provide you with strategic analysis and direction that help you make the most of your capitalized systems investments to help your business grow and thrive. By guiding you in understanding how and when to purchase, modify, or upgrade your equipment assets, we can help you ensure your capital investments are optimally supporting your overarching business objectives. Now you know EVCO’s ultimate motivation: our success depends on yours!

Contact us today to learn more about commercial-electrical systems installations and discuss your next project with EVCO!

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