enteliWeb TM

Facility & Energy Management Software

enteliWEB is a web-based, facility & energy management software program that allows you to manage and operate your Building Automation and Energy systems from anywhere in the world. Imagine having access to customizable energy and building automation management dashboards and powerful energy reports, being able to provide stakeholders with the tools to reduce energy consumption while also lowering costs. enteliWeb even provides task-oriented alarm management and system dashboards, making it easy to quickly visualize and prioritize your work and keep your facility running comfortably and efficiently.

EVCO Mechanical provides enteliWEB with all of their Building Automation Systems (BAS) because it allows our clients to centralize their building management operation and collect real-time data about energy use in their facilities.

How would your operation (and your life) benefit by easy-to-use facility management tools and customizable dashboards? With EVCO Mechanical and enteliWEB, the power of your smart building is at your fingertips.

A few functions our clients enjoy include:

  • Energy Analytics and Automated Energy Reporting
  • Customizable BAS dashboards
  • Mobile-skins and Apps for ease of remote access
  • HTML5 Graphics that render beautifully across mobile and desktop devices
  • Cloud-hosted services with secured access
  • Customizable secure access for tenants, owners, operators and engineers

EVCO Mechanical and enteliWEB make energy management and building operations simple. Schedule a consultation to learn all about this robust platform.

Here are some entelliWebTM support videos

entelliWeb Dashboard Screen Shot

Dashboard Demonstration Screen Shot

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entelliWeb Dashboard Screen Shot

Long-Term Trends Demonstration Screen Shot

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entelliWeb Dashboard Screen Shot

Trending Dashboard Demonstration Screen Shot

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Here is what a few of our clients have to say about enteliWebTM

The program allows me 24/7 access to information that is vital to predicting potential issues. It has also been superb in improvinmg our financial planning. And the team at EVCO were great in setting it up and training us in its use.

Stephen M., NJ-Based Residential High-Rise Complex

enteliWeb has become an important part of our management and planning processes.

Richard J., Retail Shopping Mall

With EVCO’s help, we now have a powerful planning and analysis tool that brings us out of the stone era!

Javier G., Residential Apartment Bldg.

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