For the last several decades, EVCO Mechanical has been performing full-service mechanical systems installations for organizations of all types and sizes. From towering residential high-rises to local churches and community centers, EVCO Mechanical relies on its teams’ extensive expertise, flexible approach, and pride of workmanship to provide organizations with state-of-the-art HVACR solutions. EVCO has extraordinarily talented, dedicated team members ready to install your commercial steam-, hydronic- and domestic-heat systems; chillers, cooling towers, and condensers; energy-recovery units, air handlers, and exhaust systems.


An internal team of engineers and project managers specializing in a wide range of commercial and institutional projects.

From the moment you first connect with us, we employ a painstaking process of evaluating, planning, and preparing for your commercial mechanical installation. Our engineers work together with your own consulting engineering team to ensure your design intentions are realized. The EVCO team will develop all the documents and plans that will support and direct the installation process, including AutoCAD drawings, shop drawings, and controls and wiring diagrams. In addition, we’ll obtain all the necessary permits, arrange the inspections, and keep everything running smoothly and on schedule.

Throughout the process, we work diligently to ensure complete transparency in all that we do, communicating with you at every step so there are no surprises. You’ll always know exactly what we’re doing and why we’re doing it.

photo of architectural plans


While employing the best-trained pros is critical no matter what type of project we’re working on, it’s especially critical for mechanical installations, which require extensive planning and tightly controlled installation processes. This is because we’re almost always working with very heavy equipment and powerful tools in dangerous situations. In fact, as you’ll read below, some of our high-rise installs require us to use a helicopter to lift and place these systems onto soaring rooftops.

Tecogen Cogeneration Units

Top Brands and Unparalleled Service

While we can repair virtually every brand of equipment that’s out there, there are many equipment brands which are popular amongst our customer buildings and for which Evco has extensive experience installing and servicing. Some of these popular brands and manufacturers include:

  • Lochinvar Boilers**
  • AERCO boilers**
  • Trane Chillers
  • York Chillers
  • Carrier Roof Top Units
  • Trane Roof Top Units
  • Lennox Roof Top Units
  • BAC Cooling Towers
  • Marley Cooling Towers

**We’re factory certified installers and service technicians for this brand

An early adopter of sophisticated boiler technology, EVCO is well known for its proficiency with heating systems and we have a proven reputation for delivering large cooling and ventilation systems, especially in locations where physical access is limited. However, our value extends well beyond our talent for executing flawless commercial mechanical installations. Drawing on nearly four decades of experience, we also provide strategic insights and guidance to our customers that are driven by our partnership-based approach to total lifecycle management.



From your very first experience with us, we’re working hard to get to know your unique organization and its facilities. Once we identify your pain points, understand your future plans, and pinpoint your strengths and challenges, we leverage our extensive expertise to provide you with our EVCOInsights, our branded strategic consulting service that’s built right in to every single project we do.

We provide you with strategic analysis and direction that help you make the most of your capitalized systems investments with the goal of helping your business grow and thrive. By guiding you in understanding how and when to purchase, modify, or upgrade your equipment assets, we can help you ensure your capital investments are optimally supporting your overarching business objectives.