Project Description

Newport Triple Rigging

The EVCO Team was very excited today to execute a triple rig event! Using the tallest crane ever used in its history, EVCO simultaneously rigged high-efficiency rooftop equipment onto three high-rise buildings on the same day. This special event employed a 550-ton crane provided by Vergona Crane to lift over 75 new rooftop exhaust fans to the roofs of three Jersey City high-rise buildings.

The project was part of a series of efforts funded by PSE&G to transform the energy usage of these multi-family high-rise buildings. While this particular part of the project included installing high-efficiency roof top exhaust fans, another portion of the work included cleaning and relining all of the exhaust ventilation shafts in the building.

While the work for sealing and cleaning the ventilation shafts was perhaps less spectacular than a big crane event, the impact on the residents’ indoor air quality and ventilation was enormous. Proper exhaust ventilation in a multi-family high-rise building is essential to providing a healthy environment for the residents. Ventilation success depends on the reliable operation of the rooftop exhaust equipment and the effective movement of air through the building’s ventilation ductwork.

This set of projects in Jersey City sought to improve both parts of that ventilation equation, yielding a better living environment for the residents and significant energy savings for the property owner.

The EVCO team was very proud to execute such a large-scale project and deliver “wins” across the board for all stakeholders.

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