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Dual temperature riser piping replacement is a concern for any building with a two-pipe heating and cooling system. These types of HVAC systems constructed prior to the 1990s typically used steel riser and branch piping as the infrastructure. The steel piping eventually succumbs to corrosion and rusting and this ultimately leads to catastrophic piping failures and leaks. The only solution is to replace all of that failing infrastructure with new piping, however, the replacement of riser infrastructure is incredibly invasive to resident apartments.

Evco Mechanical has a long track-record of successfully completing riser infrastructure replacements. We understand what it means to operate in peoples’ homes to do this work, and we have developed a comprehensive project approach to ensure a successful outcome for the community. Our step-by-step approach helps to coordinate the project, educate residents on the activities, prepare schedules with management coordinators, and execute the installation. Riser replacement projects can be very complicated and buildings need a trusted partner with real experience to make sure that the work is done right.  Evco provides 100% turn-key riser replacement, from tenant education and management coordination, to wall and piping demolition, through to piping and coil replacements, wall refinishing and town inspections. Equipped with a COVID-19 health and safety plan that allows us to meet CDC requirements during riser replacements, Evco is prepared to protect the health and safety of all residents and employees during this work.

Please check out our video illustrating our work at Parkview Towers, located in West New York, and Horizon House, Fort Lee, to see how an experienced process from Evco Mechanical can make your riser replacement project safe, dependable, transparent and professional.

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