Project Description

Winston Towers 300 is a 31-story, luxury high-rise on the Palisades in Cliffside Park, New Jersey. It is a small city of 676 units which was built in 1974 on the site of the Palisades Amusement Park. It is convenient to both public and private schools in the area, buses to many points in Hudson and Bergen county as well as New York City and shopping areas within easy reach.

The Project Scope

The project scope was a total replacement of the corridor make up air units for the building. These units provide conditioned air to the hallways of the building. We installed new corridor make up air units, which were manufactured by Trane. The project was motivated by PSE&G energy efficiency funding, for which the design and energy savings analysis of the project was performed by Energy Squared, now Coolsys Design. Evco provided as-built design drawings, structural supports and ductwork to enable the installation of the new equipment.

A Significant Amount of Coordination

This particular project required a significant amount of coordination to execute due to the use of a helicopter for equipment rigging. The helicopter rigging was required as the building was located in area that would not allow for crane operations to reach the roof. While the rigging process was the highlight of the project, it in fact required the least amount of time to execute, but the most amount of time for planning. Coordination of the helicopter rigging required an intense collaboration between municipal, government, and building entities – all of whom were primarily concerned with the safety of people in the area and preservation of surrounding assets. The equipment installation itself was typical and, however the means of delivering that equipment was very unique.