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In order to maximize the benefits of your system investments, we believe it is our duty to impart the knowledge and experience we have accumulated over our almost four decades in the industry.

For over four decades, Evco Mechanical has been dedicated to delivering comprehensive life-cycle assistance for building mechanical systems. With a wide range of products, services, and expertise, the company has successfully catered to the needs of numerous customers. From HVAC systems to emergency power systems, boiler and chiller central plants to gas and sprinkler piping, and building automation systems to sanitary piping, Evco Mechanical ensures top-notch support for all major mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems.

Our services

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What we do

Total Systems Repair

Whether or not we installed the systems, Evco Mechanical provides complete repair support for commercial heating, cooling, ventilation, and power systems as well as building controls and automation systems. Thanks to our extensive industry experience and ongoing-training initiatives, we’re familiar with virtually every major HVAC industry brand, so you can be confident that when you call us, we’ll be able to repair your equipment quickly, efficiently, and correctly.

While we’re repairing your equipment, we’ll do a thorough inspection of all its components so we can be sure that the repair will completely resolve the issue. We’ll also engage you in a dialogue to learn more about your facility and its mechanical system needs to help ensure that you’re getting the most from your capital investments. If it’s called for, we’ll offer our insights and advice on when it might be time to consider upgrading or modifying your equipment to better meet your facility needs.

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24/7 Emergency Response

At EVCO, we understand that the facilities we serve operate around the clock, which is why we are always available. In addition to our regular services, we offer 24/7 emergency-response services for all mechanical and HVAC systems. Whether you’re an existing customer or new to us, we are here for you anytime, day or night, 365 days a year. Rest assured, we will respond promptly to any issues you may have with your building infrastructure and provide emergency repairs for your mechanical and HVAC equipment.

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Mechanical Installations

EVCO Mechanical has been a trusted provider of comprehensive mechanical systems installations for more than four decades. Whether it’s residential high-rises, churches, or community centers, EVCO Mechanical’s experienced teams deliver top-notch HVACR solutions. With a flexible approach and a commitment to excellence, EVCO ensures state-of-the-art installations for commercial steam, hydronic, and domestic heat systems, as well as chillers, cooling towers, condensers, energy-recovery units, air handlers, and exhaust systems. Count on EVCO’s talented and dedicated team members to meet all your organization’s needs.

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Electrical Installations

EVCO Mechanical was established with the goal of optimizing facility-lifecycle management, guaranteeing enhanced performance, longevity, and efficiency of systems, while also providing our clients with cutting-edge equipment. As a comprehensive facilities infrastructure provider, we specialize in the installation, maintenance, upgrading, and repair of electrical systems for organizations of any scale or industry. However, our commitment goes beyond mere service provision; we strive to form long-term partnerships with our customers, ensuring the ongoing success of their facilities throughout their lifetime.

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Building Automation

When it comes to upgrading a facility to a modern building-automation system (BAS), it’s not just about adding new gadgets and a fancy user interface. The real goal is to make a smart investment in infrastructure that will enhance operations and performance. To achieve success, it requires a combination of excellent installation, practical design, operator training, and remote support. At EVCO, our comprehensive approach to project planning and execution, which includes mechanical and electrical improvements, makes us the perfect partner for BAS upgrades.

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Riser Piping Replacement

Evco Mechanical, based in New Jersey, has established itself as a frontrunner in riser piping replacement projects. With a team solely dedicated to riser replacement, we have accomplished over twelve multi-year projects in the past five years alone. Our expertise in high and mid-rise buildings has resulted in remarkable enhancements to the living conditions of countless apartments and condominiums. Beyond the mere act of replacing deteriorated pipes, our approach involves collaborating with the community to ensure their building is well-equipped for future generations of residents.

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Exception 6 Certification

We are renowned for our expertise in Exception 6 certification, having assisted a greater number of buildings in New Jersey to achieve this certification than any other company. Our team of licensed Professional Engineers, licensed Black Seal operators, and experienced boiler room auditors are committed to guiding clients through the entire Exception 6 process, including installation, inspection, ongoing monitoring, and annual re-certification.

Our vision

From the moment you first connect with us, we initiate a thorough assessment, planning, and preparation process for your commercial mechanical installation. Our engineers collaborate with your consulting engineering team to bring your design vision to life. The EVCO team will create all the essential documents and plans, such as AutoCAD drawings, shop drawings, controls, and wiring diagrams, to guide the installation process. Furthermore, we will handle permit acquisition, inspections, and ensure everything progresses smoothly and on time.

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