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Forest Street Elementary School Forest Street Elementary School

A Masterclass in Rigging

Forest Street Elementary School - EVCO

Replacing standard unit ventilators’, whether at a school, a hospital, an office or a hotel is a fairly simple process. The old units roll down the hallway and the new ones rolled in and piped-in at the same spot. It’s fairly routine, unless, the units you’re replacing are massive in size. This was the case at Forest Street Elementary School in West Orange.

Twelve unit ventilators, each of them over 9 ft long and 2.5 ft wide weighing three quarters of a ton, were too big to get through any school doorway much less fit on an elevator.

The only way to get the old ones out and the new ones in was to take out a window on every floor and boom them up and in.

What might have been a fairly straight ahead process now becomes a sophisticated rigging project.

The challenge? Rigging the unit ventilator in such a way to make it possible to raise it up to 4 story window, but then, transfer it smoothly in through the window , down to dollies, before being rolled into the classroom without it ever touching the window sill or floor.

This case study shows exactly how Evco successfully moved all 12 unit ventilators in and 12 old ones out in one day and why Evco Mechanical is the company to call for difficult projects like this.

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