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Hudson Tea Buildings Hudson Tea Buildings

92 Roof fans replaced & connected in 2 days

Hudson Tea Buildings - EVCO

The Hudson Tea buildings are a pair of early 20th century 12 story warehouses located in heart of Hoboken New Jersey which were once headquarters for the Lipton Tea Company.

Converted to luxury residences over 30 years ago, the Hudson Tea buildings have been a client of Evco Mechanical for the past 8 years.

On the roof are 92 industrial fans whose sole purpose is to maintain proper ventilation for the kitchen, laundry and bathroom areas of the building.

Evco’s mission was to disconnect, remove and replace each fan weighing approximately 200 pounds with newer more efficient fans so that critical areas of the building got their ventilation system back on line as quickly as possible and so there was minimum inconvenience to the residents.

Evco was able to remove, replace and connect all 92 fans in 2 days as planned. It was quite the production line.

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