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West New York Public School No. 1 AC Replacement

West New York Public School No. 1 AC Replacement

Get ready for another EVCO Minute. West New York was the site of another recent EVCO Mechanical endeavor. The year long project was completed at the home of the Bulls, the West New York Bulls that is at West New York’s Public School, number one. As it turns out, the school had a serious air conditioning problem, a problem soon to be remedied by the arrival of a TereX 120-ton crane, as well as the last of five, 4,000 pound custom Trane rooftop units.

The two previous rooftop units stopped functioning many years ago, and the school was in desperate need of cool air for the fast approaching summer school classes It was determined that five AC zones were better than two. So after months of installing new duct work in all the classrooms and adding a completely new electrical system to the annex, the final rooftop unit was lifted slowly and deliberately from the flatbed truck, floated ever so lightly over the annex rooftop and lowered to the prefabricated platform and the awaiting EVCO crew. It was yet another successful project by EVCO Mechanical.

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